The history of balloon animals is not a pretty one, regardless of how beautiful the balloons appear.

The History of Balloon Animals

Children were subjected to playing with plastered animal bladders, hearts and intestines for entertainment. Throughout the centuries chemists tested various substances from rubber trees and latex to help them create the perfect balloon, but with no immediate success. This was a challenge for them because all the materials they tested and tried simply did not work.

One chemist came up with a solution to making permanent animal balloons that would change the way children and their parents would view balloons. Today animal balloons are the main attraction at birthday parties and county fairs. Children are fascinated by the different shapes the balloons can be curled and rolled into.

Modern day balloons are made from all natural latex or from a synthetic, combined with other substances.  The modern day balloons hold air longer and are more resilient than older versions.  This gives the artist a little more leeway in working with the more durable balloons.

After centuries of trial and error, balloons have become the number one party favorite for kids. It took a number of scientists and chemists and years of practice to create the perfect balloon. Now that it is finally here, children can enjoy a rubber giraffe, a rubbery elephant or a magnificent work of balloon art.

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