Planning for a kids birthday party? Then you know it can be a hectic time with trying to arrange everything. The party needs to be perfect so you don’t have your child rolling their eyes and updating their social media posts that it is the lamest party ever. ┬áMake a birthday party checklist!

Make A Birthday Party Checklist For Your Child’s Special Day

Birthday checklists can keep things in order while making sure you have certain objectives completed at the right times. Here is a simple birthday party checklist you can use as an outline to plan the perfect party. Feel free to add more things based on the type of party you are throwing for your child.

Kids Birthday Party Checklist 1: Pick a Day, Time and Theme.

All this has to be at the top of the list. Include picking the theme at this time, especially if it is a location-based theme where you will require special booking for guests.

2: Decide on the Number of Guests and Send Out Invitations

You’ll need to do this early also so you can get an accurate count on how many guests are coming. Once you know, you can use the guest count in ordering food, having enough seats for guests, or booking a large enough place that will hold all your guests if at a specific location.

3: Book your Entertainment

Do you plan on having clowns, musicians, or magicians at your kids birthday party? You need to book them anywhere from 1 month to 3 months in advance of the actual event to make sure they can attend on the specific day.

4: Buy (or Make) Birthday Decorations and Party Favors

Get your birthday decorations and party favors/gifts ready. You can store them away for the event so that you aren’t dashing around town the day before the party looking for last-minute decorations and gifts.

5: Order (or Make) The Food and Birthday Cake

Last on the list is preparing the food and birthday cake for the party. If you are ordering food from a caterer or a cake from a bakery, make sure to order in advance and not on the day of the party.

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