Planning your child’s birthday can be really exciting! A great way to get people amped up for the celebration is to send out clever invitations to set the tone for the party. By doing this, guests will be eager to come out and have a fun time. Sending invites can also help you plan the party for your kid. You’ll know exactly how many people to expect, which will keep you from over or under spending.

How to Word Your Child’s Birthday Invitations

  1. Use catchwords to let the child know that she is the recipient of a special invitation to an exciting event. For example, you can say “Attention all princes and princesses!” This would be a great attention grabber for the front of the invitation.
  2. State the “who” and the “what.” The recipient of the invitation should know what they’re attending and who is the party for. For example, you can say “You are hereby asked to attend Princess Jane’s Royal 6th Birthday Party.”
  3. Don’t forget to include the date and time of the birthday party. Indicate how early the child can arrive – you don’t want people showing up while you’re still putting everything together!
  4. Place the location of the birthday party on the invitation. You may even want to include directions to make things a little easier for your guests.
  5. State whether or not there is a special dress code for the party. If it’s a pool party, tell the kids to bring their swimsuits. If the party will be at a skating rink, remind the children to bring socks.
  6. Let the recipient know if they need to RSVP to the party. If you ask for a response, you’ll know exactly how many people will be showing up, making your planning that much easier.
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