The birthday is all planned out: you’ve ordered the cake, set up the entertainment, and sent out the invitations. But why not do a little something extra to make your child’s birthday even more special and exciting? Every child’s birthday party should have a station for balloon twisting, and you could be the one creating the colorful balloon art! Just follow these steps and you’ll have created beautiful kissing swans in no time.

How to Twist Balloon Animals: Kissing Swans

  1. Start the process with a white 260 and inflate all but the last 4″ for a tail. Bend the whole balloon into a large circle, bringing the knot to a point about 6-8 inches from the uninflated tail. Flatten the circle by bringing the point opposite the knot across to the knot and twist everything together at this point. Make sure you catch the knot in the twist.
  2. At this point you should have two large loops with a long bubble sticking out from the point where they meet. Fold one of the loops closed and put it through the center of the other loop to create the body.
  3. Now for the head: Fold the uninflated end of the balloon back along the balloon body. Holding the end in place, squeeze the air from the main chamber around the bend in the balloon. This will cause the balloon to inflate in the bent position, which will create a curve for the swan’s head. Pull the neck back, this will help the body loop hold it in place.
  4. You have now made the basic swan. To make the kissing swans, make another swan like the one you just made, making sure that the proportions and the curve of the neck are the same. Before pulling the necks back into position, twist them together at the point where they meet the body. Then arrange the necks so that the beaks just touch, with their necks and heads creating the shape of a heart between them.
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