A birthday party is an exciting and special event in a kid’s life, and your child will be looking forward to it for weeks! It’s easy to get carried away with designing the look of the party -decorating can be as involved or as easy as you’d like it to be. It’s important to involve he birthday boy or girl in the planning of their big day – it is their special day, after all. Here are some tips to help you get started in decorating for the birthday celebration.

How to Decorate for a Child’s Birthday Celebration

  1. Talk to your child to find out what type of birthday party he or she has in mind. Throw out some suggestions, but let your child come up with the theme. Decide on the decorations together based on your available space and budget.
  2. Make a pinata from balloons, newspaper and paste. Paint the pinata, and fill it with yummy candy and prizes. This is a fun craft project for you and your child!
  3. Decorate with colorful paper and balloons. Hang crepe paper from lights and doorways. Fill up some balloons with helium, and let them float on the ceiling. Have the space looking fun and festive.
  4. Buy lots of large construction paper and a large piece of butcher paper. Let the birthday boy or girl design a tablecloth and exciting birthday place mats for each child that will be attending. Complete the table decorations with some bright confetti and colorful curling ribbon.
  5. Plan a shopping trip to your local variety or party store. Let your child pick plates, cups and napkins to match the theme that he or she decided on.
  6. Let your child design their own theme-related art to liven up the party. Use butcher paper, crayons, paints and other craft supplies and then hang up the decorations.
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