Keir Royale, Comedy Magic

Keir Royale, Comedy Magic

We LOVE this one! As birthday party themes go, this one is absolutely MAD with potential! It’s an exciting and innovative theme, in which the sky is the limit and the imagination percolates with creativity! Flask shaped sugar cookies! Skeletons! Light bulbs! Kites with keys dangling from string! Just think of the possibilities as your “laboratory” (kitchen) comes to life with invention!

The decorations, from a chalk board a la Einstein to a lightning catcher a la Frankenstein! You’ll have the time of your life, and you just KNOW you’re going to want to book the best comedy magician available… ahem, ahem.

So run with this them, here are some pictures from Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing!

Birthday Party Themes, The Mad Scientist


With a little thought, you can embelish the theme as much as you like! I like the idea of watching a movie at parties! There are plenty of mad scientist types you can pop in the DVD player ~ From Back to the Future to MegaMind, there’s going to be something for the age group of your party!

Balloon twisting is another natural extension of the Mad Scientist theme because it’s creative and hey, there’s always the static electricity to make the kids hair stand up like a mad scientist hair!

Have fun with this theme, and as always, please send us your ideas and success stories! We want to spread the word and help everyone have the best birthday party ever!

Always, we are happy to share our inspiration. Visit this great birthday blog for more great ideas! We’ll keep bringing you great birthday party planning tips and birthday party ideas!


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