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Lego Birthday Party, Denver Magician

Lego Birthday Party

Here are some awesome ideas for a Lego themed birthday party that we have collected off of pinterest! We hope something here sparks your imagination ~ and of course, we hope you’ll realize that for young kids there’s nothing more amazing for your kids birthday party than having a comedy magician that really knows how to make the most of laughter and fun! Decorations and themes are awesome ,but they aren’t the thing that everlasting memories are made of.¬†Those come from laughing until you cry! Or being in utter amazement as a world class illusion unfolds right before your eyes!

So enjoy our idea harvesting for Lego themed birthday party ideas, and then give Keir a call and make this truly the best party it can be:) There’s no better Denver Magician for kids birthday parties, than Keir Royale!




1. Make invitations using colored card stock¬†–¬†You can download Lego invitation printables here.
2. Decorate the cake with actual Lego toys!  (see slide show)
3. Put Lego bricks inside of the bathroom soap dispenser!  (see slide show)
4. Turn snack food containers into Lego themed holders for snacks, popcorn, ice and other stuff. Learn how to do it here.  (see slide show)
5. Download a Lego birthday crown template at
6. Make super-simple plastic ware holders out of Lego bricks. (see slide show)
7. A black marker is all you need to make dollar store bought yellow cups Lego themed. Or Straws!! Just draw the Lego guy face on it ūüôā¬† (see slide show)
8. Leave the tv on for this party! And put a Lego movie on it!
9. Construct a Lego marble run.
10. Create a lego guy photo booth like in the slide show below:)



Denver Magician, Keir Royale, offers this blog as a resource for birthday party ideas! Let us know if you have a great idea or would like to learn more about something! We’d love to blog about it:)

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