Your child’s birthday is coming up – fast. But there’s no reason to worry! Sure, there’s a lot that needs to get done before the day arrives, but we are here to help you. Here are a few tips to guide you along in the process of planning a birthday party for your kid.

Birthday Party Breakdown

  1. Tie a bundle of balloons around your mailbox or the front of your house. This makes it easier for guests to spot which house is yours.
  2. Keep dogs, cats etc. away from the party area. Children like to taunt animals, and all it takes is one bite to ruin a birthday party – and maybe even cause a lawsuit!
  3. Involve the entire family in your birthday party planning so that nobody feels left out or neglected (especially siblings). If the sibling is older, they could take pictures or prepare refreshments. A younger sibling could introduce the entertainer or help with decorating invitations! Don’t be scared to get creative.
  4. As far as food goes, easy to handle foods are the best, like hot dogs or pizza (always a favorite!). Apple juice is great for kids, especially juice boxes since they are harder to spill. For outdoor parties, you could have a table with mix ins for a sundae to let the kids create their own yummy masterpiece. Then they can just run through the sprinkler afterwards to clean off! Younger kids will love this.
  5. What child doesn’t love a great game? If you do decide to include games at the party, make sure that you make everyone feel like a winner so that there’s a positive vibe throughout the day.
  6. Hiring an entertainer, such as a magician, for your child’s party is an easy way to make sure this day is a memorable one. Our best way of finder the right entertainer is to go online and do your research. Just go to Google and type “birthday party entertainment” or “kids birthday entertainment” into the search bar. Make sure you get references and testimonials so that you know you’re getting the best for your child. Knowing if the performer is full time or part time will be a big factor. Full time performers have this job as their profession, so they take it more seriously than a part timer who is probably also working another job and has less experience. Ask if they offer any special packages and how long their shows typically run. And remember, the entertainment portion of the party is your time to sit back and relax!
  7. When you schedule a performer, try and have all the children ready to watch the performance at the appropriate time. Some performers may be doing more than one birthday party that day and need to make sure they stay on schedule.
  8. It’s very courteous to send thank you cards to all the guests. At the party you can have your child take a picture with each guest, then in the thank you card you can send a copy of the picture as well. This is incredibly polite and the parents will love it.
  9. If you’re having an outdoor party, have a back up plan in case of bad weather.
  10. You might want to consider having a large cardboard box around for presents. The birthday kid could decorate the box with bright wrapping paper or color it themselves. This is festive and gives your child a chance to show off his or her artistic skills!
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