Don’t let having to create birthday invitations for your child’s birthday party leave you stumped. Sure, it may be tricky finding the right words and deciding what exactly you need to incorporate, but if you follow this guide you’ll know just the right things to say and include.

Birthday Invitation Etiquette

Timing: Birthday parties don’t typically need six-to-eight week notice that other events require. Two to four weeks in advance is a good amount of time to send out the invites for a child’s birthday party.

Choosing an Invitation: The style of the invitation should fit the theme of the birthday party. For character-themed children’s parties, an invitation with a matching theme or with a child-like design is just right. The invitation can be paper, and sent by mail, or digital, sent by email or via a social networking site, such as Facebook. Digital invitations are probably the most convenient for your guests, plus, you’ll be able to keep track of the guest list with much more ease.

Wording: Birthday party invitations should include the full name of the birthday boy or birthday girl, the date and time of the party, the location, and a phone number for RSVPs. Be sure to include the age your child is turning. You may also want to include verses or anecdotes, but keep it short and sweet. If you’d like, specify “regrets only” on a paper invitation if you want those who are invited to respond only if they won’t be able to attend the birthday party.

Distributing: You can either mail paper invitations or give them in person discreetly. For a child’s party, don’t have your child hand out cards in school. If the classroom is the only way you can deliver an invitation to a child, give it to the teacher and have him or her send it home with the child.

Receiving: When you receive an invitation to a birthday party, respond promptly, within a day or two if you can, in the proper manner, whether by phone, responding to an e-invite, or returning an RSVP card by mail.
A gift should be taken to a birthday party, unless told otherwise.

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