Birthday parties for kids are a great way to bring their friends together. However, it can be pretty frustrating figuring out where to start your organizing process. It doesn’t have to be difficult, though – planning and executing a children’s birthday party can be easy!

How to Organize a Children’s Birthday Party

  1. First, decide on a theme. Pick something based on your child’s interests, such as a favorite cartoon character or television show.
  2. Send out invitations. You should probably do this two weeks before the party is held.
  3. Order the birthday cake. Plenty of grocery store bakeries sell custom birthday cakes if you’d like. Have the cake decorated to fit the theme of your party.
  4. Go out and get the decorations and supplies for the party. Party supply stores have tons of inexpensive decorations to fit just about any theme. Balloons, plates, napkins, cups and tablecloths are all decorations and supplies you will need.
  5. Decide on games and entertainment to keep the kids busy. You may even want to consider hiring an entertainer so that you can focus on hosting the party.
  6. Plan the menu. If the party will last more than two hours, the children are going to get pretty hungry. Chicken nuggets, fruit snacks and other finger foods are inexpensive and age-appropriate.
  7. Set up the decorations and games on the day of the party. Be sure to have everything ready to go one hour before the guests are supposed to arrive just in case anyone shows up early.
  8. Set out the food 15 minutes before the guests are supposed to arrive. You want to make sure the food isn’t set out for too long, or else it might spoil.

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