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Apollo Robbins on “Sleight of Hand”

There’s no denying that we like being fooled! It’s fun, isn’t it. It sort of tickles our brain! Makes us smile when we discover that reality is not always what we thought. It’s the closest thing to a supernatural experience some of us might ever have.

Denver Magician’s Blog – The Art of Misdirection

Apollo Robbins: (born May 23, 1974) is an American sleight-of-hand artist, security consultant, self-described gentleman thief and deception specialist. Forbes has called him “an artful manipulator of awareness.” Robbins first rose to the top when he successfully pick pocketed President Jimmy Carter’s secret service men. Steeling the president’s itinerary and even the keys to the motorcade!

Interestingly, his talents not only had an entertainment value, but a practical value as well. Robbins was soon contacted by police groups, interested in learning more about his techniques. They thought, correctly, that if Robbins was doing it there would be others doing it as welll ~ He once explained during an interview,

“I pick-pocketed one of Jimmy Carter’s secret service agents. After that, I got approached [to consult] police departments and security individuals. I got to visit prisons and I started learning the thinking and skill set of real thieves.”

All of this leads up to today’s rather educational look into the art of misdirection, and specifically “Sleight of Hand”. This video not only touches on the thrill of sleight of hand, but the science of human attention. I hope you like it! I know we do!!