The Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Ideas

Costumes! Games! Creative treats and… Yes! A Wizard!

Birthday Party Ideas, the Wizard of Oz

Birthday Party Ideas, the Wizard of Oz

If you want to really make a birthday party memorable and FUN for the guest and birthday kid alike, you can give it a good theme! One of my favorite ideas is The Wizard of Oz theme!

Streamers and cupcakes and games… Oh My! Everything Green like the Emerald City! and you can even have an appearance by the Wicked Witch of the West, or Glenda! But one things for sure, you have to have a wizard!

That’s where we come in ~ with Keir’s comedy magic show, you’ll have the perfect finale to an afternoon of wonder and imagination. And the buildup can be Keir’s balloon artistry. Flying Monkey balloons, broom sticks, witch hats…. and so many more fun balloon twisting marvels, all well within Keir’s wheelhouse, and also all fantastic party favors to send your guest home with.

When you are planning a birthday party… consider “themes” as your best friend. They have a way of bringing all of your planning and ideas together and making things simple and easy to think of… just like this blog. Every idea just flew out of the keyboard while i was typing. I’m sure you can do infinitely better with just a little thought:) Best of luck to all of you party throwers!

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