Keir Royale, Comedy Magic

Keir Royale, Comedy Magic

Occasionally, I’ll write a blog that is based on another blog I read that was just so inspiring I had to promote it! Today’s blog is exactly that kind of thing. I found this lady’s awesome birthday party blog and was inspired enough just looking at the great post! Then I saw this blog about a “Catwoman” themed party and had to pass it on to you. I’d only add that you don’t have to stick to Catwoman ~ you can literally insert any super hero (or villain if you are more on the dark side of things;) and run with the theme like this awesome lady did!

Full credit to my co-blogger at Kara’s Party Ideas! Check out her blog, subscribe and show her the love because her blog is amazing!!! –

Birthday Party Ideas, Super Hero Themes

Birthday Party Ideas, Super Hero Themes

Birthday Party Ideas! Super Hero Themes

Some of the Catwoman party ideas were:

  • Catwoman sugar cookies
  • Catwoman cake
  • A desert table littered with “diamonds”
  • Check out the cupcake toppers
  • Shimmering table cloth in purple


This idea is great for kids or grown ups alike. I especially like the idea of a super villain themed party for grown ups. It opens the door for all kinds of fun drinking games and costumes! But since we primarily stick to kids ideas in this blog ~ imagine the possibilities of a super hero themed party! The fun all of the guest will have preparing for it, and SHOPPING for theme related gifts! Is your imagination reeling! Spider man ~ make spider shaped cookies. Red and black cake and table cloths ~ Skyscrapers! Webs! Bank Robbers! Have the guest all dress up as different characters! Have party favors related to the theme~ etc!

Have fun!!! And if you have a creative idea, send it to me here! I’d love to blog about it!

Here’s the original blog that inspired me!


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