Balloon Twisting is fun!  If you’re planning on using balloons to entertain the little ones at your child’s birthday party, remember that you don’t have to stick to only balloon animals – there are plenty of other objects that you can create! By twisting the balloon into a sword, you are also making a fun toy for the kids. Plus, it would be perfect for a pirate-themed party. Here are steps to help you create a balloon sword:

Balloon Twisting: How to Twist a Balloon Sword

  1. Inflate a balloon, leaving about an inch uninflated at the end.
  2. Tie the balloon at the end you inflated and twist a small bubble around one inch in size at the tied end.
  3. Grab the balloon about five inches from the tied end, fold it over and then tie a loop just under the bubble you made in the previous step.
  4. Grab the balloon right above the loop and make a twist above where your hand is holding the balloon. Doing this will create the sword’s handle.
  5. Take the top end of the balloon, fold it back, thread it through the loop and pull it through. You have now made a balloon sword! Now the kids can enjoy a safe sword fight.

We’re all about high-end balloon twisting at Denver Kid Magic!  A birthday party with balloon twisting is a fantastic memory-maker.  If you’re in the Denver Metro area, be sure to give us a call and we’ll get you setup with an entertaining treat for you and your kid!

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